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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Friends, Loved Ones and any lurking Internet Strangers,

I have a difficult announcement to make. Blogger and Peaches N Curry have decided to separate. I know this is tough news to hear, but we want you to know is that this is not your fault, mmmkayy? Blogger and Peaches N Curry love you very much and we will always be here for you.  It's just that we aren't getting along lately or truthfully, for a lot longer than that. Blogger is a demanding, canterkerous, photo erasing, inflexible wench. Consequently, I have become an emotionally absentee blogger failing to write posts or in any way spend quality time on this here blog.  And that's not right. We all deserve better.

But there's something else you should know. I need to be honest here and just get it out there. So here goes...

I went looking outside of Blogger to meet my blogging needs. Yes, it's true. And that hurts you and I'm sorry. At first I was ashamed, but now I am proud of what my new partner and I have created. Ideally, it wouldn't have happened this way. But I hope that one day you will see that I too deserve happiness, freedom and the ability to easily post pictures without flying into a violent rage. 

What Blogger and I had was great. But it couldn't last forever. Someone could have gotten hurt, namely our computer or an innocent, nearby kitty cat.

We hope you'll come and visit us at our new home when you feel the time is ready.


Peaches & Curry

p.s. My lawyers managed to score a sweet settlement and all our archives from this blog are on our new home as well.

Yall free free to stop by our new home at wordpress mmmkkayy??!!


Catch Up Blogging!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...there was this month called August, in the season of summer, where folks freely bared their arms and legs in the hopes of absorbing lots of vitamin D and wondered what it felt like to not sweat upon stepping outside.

And we went to the beach. And it was glorious. So here are some pictures for your delight and because I'm feeling rather nostalgic for summer weather in the midst of this lovely fall weekend. Don't misunderstand. I love fall just as much as summer. It's just that when summer ends you can look forward to the fall. But when falls ends, old man winter steps in.

And winter and I do not get along. It's a very dysfunctional relationship. This year we're going to try couples' counseling.

The last week in August Brother Bob and family headed down to Ocean Isle Beach and were kind enough to invite Somanna and I to tag along. Of course we said heck yea. A week at the beach with these three little dudes? It's kind of hard to pass up.

Even sister dearest Brittany got to come down and sneak in some quality beach and nephew time.

(By the way, I have no idea what the conversation was when this picture was taken but surely it was scandalous!)

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

As I recall, we didn't do much at the beach except for the things one normally does at the beach.

We played in the sand.
From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

I tried to teach Bennett that it's ok to get down n dirty in the sand. It took a little convincing, as evidenced by his willful determination to pack the sand in "neatly."

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

I don't know how successful that lesson was. But the boogie boarding lessons were a BIG hit. Check them out!

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

Even little Bennett got in on the boogie board action. Look at him go! He's only 2 (almost 3)!!

Wheeeeee!!! "Umm excuse me Aunt Beth? It stopped. Now what?"


When we weren't out in the Ocean, we hit up the pool....which was freezing as it was covered in the shade most of the day.

Yyyouuuuu ssshooouulldd ggeettt inn Unccllee Shaloooott...the watterrrs fiiinneee. Promisssee!

Apparently children are immune to numbness and tingling because the cold water clearly did not slow these little guys down.

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

Jacques who? I can't hear you because my voice sounds really loud inside my head now.

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

Ok, I'm ready! Why are you laughing at me Aunt Beth?

My nephews are so talented. They get from moi.

Then again they are boys...and a bit weird sometimes. I can't take responsibility for weirdness, only cuteness and levitating skillz.

Which is why we're super excited that Bob & Rosie are having a GIRL this December!!!! Yes ladies and gents, After 5 nephews between my side and Somanna's side, there will finally be a NIECE!

Other beach activities we indulged in included some scenic bike riding and of course, sustainable nourishment.
From Ocean Isle Vacation 09
From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

Summer has come and gone.
But pictures like this already have me excited for next beach season.

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

After all, with a view like this how could you not?

From Ocean Isle Vacation 09

**Today's post was brought to you by the letter S and the number 3. Special thanks to Bob & Rosie for having us. We had a great time. And thanks to Brittany, who took the time to come hang out. And thanks most of all to Joe, Jack and Bennett for being so much fun and adorable as always.**


(No) Word Wednesday

Wednesday, September 30, 2009



This Time Last Year

Sunday, September 27, 2009

we were busy doing this!

Let's seal this with a kiss!

We're pretty darn happy.

And so was everyone else!


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